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This Website is no longer updated and DOES NOT have current information. Please Go To the NEW WEBSITE for current information. Thank you.

Online Payments

Online Tuition Payment Plans

The fast, secure, convenient way to pay tuition. Spread the cost of tuition and fees over the semester by enrolling in a tuition payment plan using our new online system.

  • Enroll in a tuition payment plan easily over the Internet 
  • View a list of charges, credits, and financial aid eligible for the plan on your online budget worksheet – everything is included and calculated for you.
  • Set up automatic installment payments using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check – no more having to remember your installment due date!
  • Receive email notifications and reminders as your plan adjusts to changes in your account status.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access the payment plan?

    Select Make a Payment on the homepage or click here.

  2. What are monthly automatic payments for?

    When signing up for the payment plan, you agree to have the funds automatically debited from the accounts you choose on the assigned due dates. This is not an option; payments must be debited automatically if you want to participate in the plan.

  3. What happens if my scheduled monthly payment doesn't go through?

    We will continue to attempt withdrawing the funds until the payment is made. Your student account will be placed on hold until your payment plan is current.

    For specific questions in regards to this issue, please call the Business Office at 281-756-3515.

  4. What forms of payment are accepted in the online payment plan?

    American Express 
    Debit Card with Visa or Mastercard logo 
    Electronic Check or Savings 

  5. Can my parents or employer make payments for me?

    You have the ability to assign limited access to authorized users. To set this up you simply click on the “Authorized Users” tab and choose the information you want them to be able to access. Once their information has been added, they will have a user ID and password. They will only have access to the information you grant them.

  6. How can I sign up if I don't have access to a computer?

    Alvin Community College has two computer areas with Internet access available for students. The CyberLink Lab is located downstairs in Building A, and the Library is located on the second floor of Building A. 

  7. What is the fee for setting up the online payment plan?

    The fee remains $30.

  8. Can I sign up for a payment plan if I owe a balance from a previous semester?

    No. All previous charges and debts must be paid before a new plan can be initiated.

  9. What if my student account is on hold?

    If your student account is on hold, you should be getting a “pop up” box directing you to the department that can assist you with removing the hold. After that has been cleared, you should be able to pay online as normal.

  10. What if I drop a class or withdraw?

    Please access your payment plan the day after you drop or withdraw from class. If your payment plan has not adjusted accordingly, call us at 281-756-3515. Please note that if you drop after the refund period, you are still responsible for the balance due.

  11. Is a late payment fee charged if I miss the payment plan payment due date?

    Yes. There is a $50 late fee added to the payment due.

  12. Is everyone eligible to enroll in the payment plan. 

    Yes. However, students with four delinquent payments on their payment plan will be ineligible to setup a future payment plan. 

  13. Can I set up a payment plan at the cashier's window?

    Yes, for only cash payment plans.

  14. What if I pay in full?

    You may pay in person, by phone at 281-756-3593, or online

  15. What if I still have more questions?

    Give us a call at 281-756-3515 and we'll be glad to assist you.


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