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This Website is no longer updated and DOES NOT have current information. Please Go To the NEW WEBSITE for current information. Thank you.

Academic Overlay


Certain credit courses are available through the CEWD department as credit overlays.  Students do not receive college credit for overlay classes and will need to contact the Department Chair for approval before registering inside the H building, Room 103 of the CEWD main office.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Overlay

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Basic

Introduction to the level of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Basic.  Includes all the skills necessary to provide emergency medical care at a basic life support level with an ambulance service or other specialized service.  Co-requisites: Enrollment in CEEMSP 1060 and hold an American Heart Association or Red Cross CPR Certification.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Basic Clinical

A course of study that provides detailed education, training, and work-based experience in the hospital and ambulance arena.  Clinical experiences are unpaid external learning experiences.  (6 hours per week external clinical/ambulance experience.)  Student must attend a clinical orientation session.  Students will schedule 48 hours of hospital clinical and 48 hours of ambulance training by developing their own schedule.  Students should have access to a computer for email and clinical scheduling. Co-requisites: American Heart Association or Red Cross CPR certification.  Concurrently enrolled in CEEMSP 1001. 

For registration approval call the EMT Dept. Chair at 281.756.3757 

Court Reporting

An Exciting, Rewarding, High-Tech Profession!  Court reporters may work in the courtroom to provide transcripts of trial proceedings or they may produce depositions for attorneys or they may work with the hearing-impaired community by providing captioning and CART services.  There is an increasing demand for court reporters. For more information and registration approval call 281.756.3757

Industrial Design

AutoCAD topics include CAD equipment selection and interface; software selection and installation; creating and plotting offline drawings for architectural, electrical, circuit, mechanical, or interior design, create/modify graphic elements, storing and retrieving predefined components; and adding text and dimensions.  For more information and registration approval call 281.756.3784

Sports and Human Performance

ACC Sports and Human Performance graduates leave prepared to instruct or coach groups or individuals in the fundamentals of sports as well as demonstrate techniques and methods of participation. Graduates typically work in the health corporate, community, or commercial fitness professions.  For more information and registration approval call 281.756.3692