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Distance Education FAQ

What is the mission of the Distance Education Program?

The mission of the Distance Education Program is to meet the instructional needs of a changing student population, including but not limited to, non-traditional, time-bound, and place-bound students.

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If I do not attend class, how will I be able to ask my instructors questions?

Your class can be accessed via Blackboard by clicking “THE POD” at the top of the ACC homepage. Your class should have an email link, usually located on the left-hand side menu in your Blackboard class, which can be used to contact your instructor. All Alvin Community College instructors also offer face-to-face office hours that will be listed in the class syllabus. Feel free to call or visit your instructor during their posted office hours as listed in the class syllabus.

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Is registration any different for distance education courses?

All admission and registration requirements are the same for students taking credit classes on campus or students taking distance education courses.

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Do I ever have to come on campus?

Not for most courses, but please check in the catalog for specific details, as some instructors may require students to come on campus for orientations or tests. If it is impossible for you to come to campus for these requirements, special arrangements can generally be made.

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Will financial aid help pay for my Distance Education courses?

Distance Education courses will count as part of a student's course load for financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office for a financial aid application and to discuss eligibility.

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If I do not have a computer at home, can I still take an internet course?

Yes, there are several computer labs on campus that are available for student use. You will need to come on campus to one of these labs to do your assignments. It is often more difficult without a computer at home but if you work hard you can be successful. The Cyberlink Computer Lab has two dozen computers with Internet access and software programs needed for classes, including specialized software. Location: Building A, 1st floor, Room A-173

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Are distance education courses easier than on-campus courses?

Academic standards for distance education and on-campus course are the same. Because of the difference in delivery methods, some students report that some distance educations classes are more difficult.

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Will the distance education courses count toward a degree?

All distance education courses are equivalent to the on-campus courses both in content and credit hours. Distance education courses will count toward degrees at Alvin Community College and will transfer to a university the same as the on-campus courses.

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How much do distance education courses cost?

Tuition and fees are the same low cost as for on-campus instruction. Some courses do have fees added depending on the course. The class schedule shows any assigned fees. 

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I am taking some courses on campus, so can I also take distance education courses?

Yes, distance education courses are good for students who cannot schedule a full load of courses. Distance education courses can allow students to also take courses that have the on-campus sections full.

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